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My Personality Test Result- Seasons

Have fun with personality test. Lama x mencari n menggila dengan all those personality test. Google search ler per lagik, keja mmg bersepah atas meja, but nak cari mood nya pasal, inilah penangannya. Jom kita tgk apa result after i did the test from this website:

Spring is my primary colour personality
Summer is my secondary colour personality

Check out the details bout it:

Spring is the time for warm weather, sunshine, young lambs, fresh flowers and spring-cleaning. Not surprisingly Spring colour personalities love daylight and prefer airy homes with lots of windows and natural light.

Colours are fresh, bright, clean and warm complemented by light coloured wood. Furniture, cushions and decorative accessories have rounded corners, making them easy on the eye and easy to live with. A tendency towards greenfingers means Spring homes are generally home to numerous well tended indoor plants.

Springs aren't afraid to get stuck in and get their hands dirty. Hardworking and practical, they love getting a bargain. Springs are sociable and enthusiastic with lots of energy and flexibility. Extroverted and friendly, they tend to make new friends easily, though will avoid weighty issues and conflict where they can. Springs are quick thinkers so if they do find themselves in conflict they can normally negotiate their way back out of it! Their easygoing sociable nature often makes them look and seem younger than their age. Spring homes are usually contemporary, modern and well kept - must be the springcleaning tendencies!

The nature colours we associate with Spring are reflected in the Spring palette. Yellows dominate the Spring palette, reminiscent of fresh flowers and sunlight and act as undertones across the palette embuing a sense of warmth. Dark colours and blacks are banished. Warm neutrals in hues of light greys, creams, ivories and beiges act as the backdrop in place of pure white. Fresh crisp greens reflect the green of young leaves. Reds have pink undertones.
Springs love conservatories and rooms where they can bridge the gap between inside and out. French doors, large sliding doors and pristine lightweight curtains maximise sunlight.

Spring quick check:
  • Sociable, welcoming, informal.
  • Contemporary, airy, light, basking in sunlight.
  • Warm, bright and clear palette.
  • Windows and window treatments designed to maximise natural sunlight, soft curtains or blinds likely. 
  • Small floral patterns and gingham checks - picnic feel.
  • Accessories include glass and crystal, coloured or clear, brass and golden finishes such as gilded objects. Room to display keepsakes important.
  • Water colour artworks keep the look fresh, clean and bright.
  • Textures and fabrics are soft, often translucent to play with the sunlight.
  • Light woods, avoids chunky furniture as they reduce the sense of space.
  • Green fingered, fresh flowers, pot plants commonplace.


Hot sun, cool breezes and the haven of shade under trees are all associated with Summer. Flowers fresh in spring start to burn under the relentless heat of the sun, grass turns from lush green to muddier lighter tones and heat rising off land results in a haze softening the scene beyond. This softening of hues is reflected in the Summer palette packed with cool colours softened back with grey undertones.

Close to nature, blues and greens are important in the Summer palette, with blue often being the favorite colour perhaps contrasted with soft pinks and yellows. Oranges are banished from the palette - too hot to sit comfortably with the cool palette. The Summer palette is subtle. Primary colours are greyed off eliminating the clean brightness of the original hues. Neutrals are drawn from soft greys, taupe  oysters and whites for a cooling touch. Creams are too warm to suit the summer palette. Decorating is cool, elegant and understated.

Combining with the softened palette, furniture and furnishings have curved edges. Patterns are subtle, if present at all.
Summers are the perfect host, calm and collected, with everything planned down to the minute details - events at a Summer home will generally be elegant and run smoothly. Summer homes are usually tidily kept and are more formal than a Spring home because of the perfectionist tendencies of Summers. Lofty ceilings, well proportioned rooms and careful architectural detailing including coving between floor and ceiling are considered important. Dark beams running across a ceiling or low ceilings will make a Summer feel boxed in. Balance and order is important in colour selection, room detailing and accessory positioning.

Summers are nurturing, comfortable looking after guests and family, possibly appearing cool to outsiders until they are part of the circle of friends. Highly perceptive they will notice small details that others may not and act as natural peacemakers working in the background to keep harmony. Practicality mixed with a reserved nature means that classic elegance, traditional decorating, antiques, fine china, music and the arts is more comfortable to a Summer than modernity and sophistication. The appreciation of these elements will be incorporated into a Summer's home in hanging embroidery works, musical instruments, such as a piano, and so on.

The touches of formality lend an overall air of elegance - quiet and restrained. Delicate luxurious fabrics and vases of traditional roses or fresh summer flowers reinforce the elegant atmosphere.

Summer quick check:
  • Elegant, classic, antiques, touches of formality, reserved.
  • Well proportioned spaces, architectural detailing and finishing touches important.
  • Everything has a place.
  • Softened palette influenced with undertones of grey to cool the hues.
  • Furniture - formal and classic, draws on the traditional.
  • Accessories influenced by the past with traditional styled glass, ornaments and lamps.
  • Artistic - impressionist paintings, traditional works, fine china.
  • Window treatments are traditional, decorative, often encompassing trimmings, pelmets, tiebacks.
  • Textures are delicate, luxurious quality silks; patterns may be floral or scenes.

I'm done, how bout you? wanna try? Just simple test, get the result then compare is it true or totally wrong. Have fun play with colours. Colours important to our life, trust me....

Tapi kan... summer, spring bukan colours kan.. seasons kan... aaahhh.. belasah lah... the details u will find once you try the test n you can see the colours to try section. Nak letak sini semua letih ler... heheheh
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